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The Nissan Leaf is the World’s best-selling electric car and we are glad to offer the second generation Leaf at our Nissan dealership in Crosshands. Since its redesign in 2017, the Leaf has become more popular and for good reason.

The new Nissan Leaf has improved in every way, offering more power, a larger range and is packed with features to enhance the driving and passenger experience. Starting with the battery which now has 50% more range, 40% more power and 25% more torque coming from an upgraded 40kWh battery.

The New Nissan Leaf at JJ Motors

The 2020 Nissan Leaf

And Nissan have launched the Leaf e+, which increases capacity to 239 miles, from 169, with an increases in power to 217 PS, a significant increase over the Leaf’s 150 PS, which sees the Leaf e+ tackle 0-62 in just 6.9 seconds.

The combined effect of these increases in power, rang and torque is a car which is a delight to drive around town, and more than happy on the motorway. The ePedal feature in particular makes driving in town a doddle, press the peddle to go and releases it to brake, powering and charging the battery at the same time.

Intelligent Mobility Technology

When talking about electric vehicles, most would be forgiven for expecting technology to be a key feature of the car. In the Nissan Leaf, this is exactly what you get, a host of technologies to make driving more pleasurable, safer and of course economical.

Intelligent Mobility is a suite of available technologies in the Leaf which aim to take on some of day to day driving’s tasks so you can focus without distraction. The Leaf will follow the car in front for you, holding speed and distance, including when you have to stop start moving. The Leaf will keep you in lane and warn you of a host of potential hazards during your journey, like blind spot monitoring.

The Nissan Leaf also has available Propilot Park which uses cameras and radars to manoeuvre the car into a parking space for you, you just control the accelerator. High beam assist will automatically turn on your high beam headlights when it recognises dark conditions and turns them off again when it recognises other vehicles.

And, to make sure you are aware of all potential hazards, and are keeping within the roads speed limits, the Leaf can come with Traffic Sign Recognition.

Inside the Nissan Leaf

Inside the Leaf and Leaf e+, you will find a cabin that brings both comfort and lots of modern styling. The seats are thick and comfortable and the cabin comes in black with Leaf blue accents throughout, including the lighting.

The cockpit includes a digital and analogue instrument cluster which offers the best of both World’s with a clear speedometer on one side and all of your car’s other information available on the customisable digital display.

The Drive selector on the Leaf is completely unique and makes changing drive a doddle with joystick like control. The steering wheel is a multi-function, D-shaped steering wheel that and the dash features USB ports and a floating LCD screen where you can control the entire car.

The Nissan Leaf at J&J Motors

J & J Motors Crosshands are main Nissan dealers and currently offer fantastic packages to get you driving one away today.

Prices start from just £24,926 with finance offers to make owning one a no brainer. With a £2,999 deposit you can have a Nissan Leaf for only £259 per month as an example of our low interest finance. We are also a Nissan Service Centre with minor servicing on EVs for only £159.

See our Nissan Leaf page for more details on our offers, or visit our Crosshands branch to test a Leaf.